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The Artist The Artist

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Understanding the industry, I really like this animation.

The thing about a career in art is that it takes more than just a boat load of talent and skill.
It is a very difficult field. It is sickening to how often people will expect you to work with little to no pay. Just go to if you want a good example.

It is bad enough that many artist have to start out pro bono just to build a portfolio.

With that said, freelancers also need to learn to stop lowering their price just to get the job. I understand full well that in tough times, the almighty dollar will overtake self respect, but hear me out.

Quality artists and designers need to stop altogether accepting low paying jobs, that is the first step to gaining respect. After all, why should a business or company pay you top dollar when someone of comparable skill is willing to accept peanuts.

There is a real good message here, light hearted, but very genuine.

Unfortunately I see no indication that the industry intends on changing.

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Star Wars: Han Shot First Star Wars: Han Shot First

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

A nice little short, the only thing that irritated me was that the ad was longer than the clip lol

good work other than that trivial annoyance that is in no one a stab at the quality.

Artwork and animation is good, sound is good, etc With that said don't stop improving.

Best of luck and I hope you can top this one in the future

Pokemon or Something? Pokemon or Something?

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Apparently this was a 3 person effort, that is what I found more funny than the video itself.
Typically I try to be as constructive as possible, but I don't know how to without coming off as an asshole.

Well the effort was inconsistent, which is fine, since this is meant to be some sort of parody.
I just don't get the jokes, I mean I played pokemon since I was 10 years old. which means that I am extremely familiar with the games at least. I still occasionally play soul silver and im 23 years old. which is kinda sad lol.
I mean I get that the pokemon center, for free heals your pokemon, no questions asked.

But the jokes are not clever, nor funny, and they could honestly be considered completely irrelevant to the subject matter.

'Pikachu's red cheeks representing the blood of a woman's period'... Well it's gross, I guess, kinda funny? well I guess it could be, but in this case it isnt... I dunno what to say, For all I know, I could be talking to some children who just discovered what a menstrual cycle is, and therefore find it funny as hell. If that is the case then you're very talented, I couldnt produce something this good when I was 9.

and pikachus gibberish... erm, uh, well I don't get it. Is it making fun of the gameboy soundfx?

Sorry I could just be inept.

So to be constructive. I can see that you guys are probably a fan of Egoraptor. So study his videos.
Egoraptor doesnt have to be a good animator, but the jokes in his vids are relevant to the subject.

Such as awesome gaiden, being about how ludicrously hard Ninja gaiden 2 is, to the point that a ninja jumps out of the tv and trashes the guys house, or how pissed off and angry the cogs are in Gears of war.

It's nonsense humor, but what he does is exagerate the characters or the premise of the game. That is what works.

Im not saying to copy him either though, you may need to find your own brand of humour.
for the most part, pokemon, zelda, mario and sonic are so beaten to a bloody pulp that you should probably steer clear of those 4. Every joke that could be made has been made about those 4 franchises.

I hope that helps. Good luck on future endeavours!

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Dual Arms V. P1 Trailer Dual Arms V. P1 Trailer

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

What to say?

Well supreme effort, i mean it efforts showing quite a bit
I did notice the art lacking in some aspects as opposed to others.

Its the type of thing that I notice lol, hey did you draw some of the areas through photoshop?, or was it all flash? The reason why I ask is I have drawn a lot of graphics via flash and saved them as pngs to edit via photoshop. You can get really organic effects which you might find helpful in your endevors .

The otherthing I might suggest is practicing human faces on a variety of angles. I notiiced you had some troubles on certain angles. which makes it hard to firmly establish a style. Its nothing to be ashamed of though, faces are hard to do. Human anatomy gave me lots of trouble.

Now this trailer is like 7 months old so im sure you ironed out your skills some more. Bravo might I add, ;)

Consistency is the hardest freaking part of doing art. a couple locales struck me as hastefully drawn like the establishing shot of the train.

What I believed was the interior was much more detailed.

There is a couple of lighting issues but no ones perfect,

mainly I noticed some bad/useful habits
alot of the shots of the characters didnt show the eyes lol. Its not a jab at you a lot of animaters do cheap stunts myself included Were you have a dark shadow or hair covering one of two eyes for instance.

This is because it can be difficult to draw eyes...period esepcially two somewhat symmetrical eyes. Its a headache sometimes.

But yeah I noticed one character had what seemed to be extremely wide eyes compared to the others. and a lot of characters had shadows, or the camera itself hiding the upper half of their face.

Now whether or not this is a technique you are using to create mystery Im not 100% sure of, however. The eyes nose and hair are usually the main things our minds train to establish differences in characters.

I suppose what im trying to say is the human mind typially feels like the shot is incomplete if the person in the center of it is cut off, know what I mean?

So just somethings to think about for the final product.

Which I hope helps get you to a 4.00 rating

3.5/5 for now

RPGsrok responds:

Some of these criticisms have been addressed in other reviews of course (what are you gonna do - seven months old XD) but they're still valid.

I don't do much editing in PS, though some backgrounds were scanned paintings I made. I understand that I am much lacking in anatomy and have been doing a little work improving (not enough of course).

I guess you weren't aware, but THE FINAL MOVIE IS OUUUUT!!!! xD It has indeed netted a score over 4, my highest yet. I'm quite proud of it, despite its flaws (which as I now know, are many). I suspect many of your complaints on that one won't differ very much from your observations here; indeed you may find the slow pace of the story annoying. Nonetheless, if you feel bored (it is a full 15 minutes long), I would love to know your opinions on the movie proper. If you need help finding it, don't hesitate to ask, but it shouldn't be that hard.

Watch it or not though, I appreciate you taking the time to watch and review this. My thanks!

Naruto Surfing Usa!!! Naruto Surfing Usa!!!

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Im gonna be honest but not cruel okay?

basically this isnt good at all but a 3.21 is a reasonable score for it. I have made things bad that have scored too well as well.

You know yourself the animation is crappy "i know the animation is crappy, but i dont care" and yet the audience themselves denies it lol

Is naruto that much of a big deal that all logic and dignity must be put aside?

andyhow its not bad if youre new to flash.

there are a lot of things you need to know first. I imagine since youre moderately decent at drawing naru characters , youre probably more than just a little into it.

I personally am not but i wont rip on it...Not in this review anyways hehe.

Anyhow I imagine that if this were something less religious (seeing as naruto is a fanboy religion thesedays) it may have scored less.

The reason i only gave a 3/10 is because like you said you made it outta boredom.

but the guy before me, no offence to you is a moron or something. It definetly doesnt deserve a 10/10.

and it definetly deserves higher than a 3/10 judging on effort. Its too bad effort doesnt earn you much on newgrounds these days. A year of work in a game gets less respect than a videogame parody that took 5 hours tops to make.

what im saying is, dont let yourself fall off the horse, and maybe make a non naruto related flash seeing as it is kinda done. ( i saw your other 2 were related)

A little tip - try using stream to better sync mouth movements.
And for mouth movements realize that there is a great number of frames for each position of the jaw,tongue and upper teeth for mouth movements.

For instance when saying a word with strong L's your tongue touches your top teeth, or Strong O's has your mouth more puckered.

When animating mouth movements, please animate the eyebrows and eyes as well. a few hand gestures here and there helps greatly as well

good luck in the future

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Link Gets Hurt Once Again Link Gets Hurt Once Again

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I get the jokes :P, im not rofling but its a lol

heres some criticism though to help you build as an animator.

Alot of drawings were nice. and others, seemed like fish out of water. all in all this seemed more like a rush and a lack of real effort.

I also cant help but think this scored a bit higher than norm due to the naruto allusion.

No offense though.

Its as that other flash said, 2 things always get over rated, anime in any way shape or form, and poorly drawn game parodies.

and i honestly think this was done in a few hours.

For humor you got something there, id say 9/10 cause bombchus piss me off.

But due to inconsistant graphics and a rushed feel, graphics get a 6/10

sound wasnt bad either, 8/10

violence - not sure what to put, link got blown up but that happens in a E rated game so, 5/10 (this isnt an important category)

interactivity - 0/10 - its a movie , obviously.

I know ill get rated bad or as abusive in this but it honestly isnt my goal. Im just trying to say that i know you can do better timon1771,

And remember with flashes like these. your score isnt based on your skill but with how much naruto and bleach and random game related jokes can be put in.

Hell i honestly believe that if you oput a naruto related object or clip in anything it will do well enough.

Again no offense , just me trying to tell ya how things work

I did moderately like this flash though :P

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Global Warming? Global Warming?

Rated 5 / 5 stars

well i agree with the message almost entirely

Yes global warming seems to be happening. or so that prick gore tells us.

i havent noticed it getting hotter.

in fact the hottest year was 1998, 10 years ago huh, so what are we approaching an iceage?

anyhow i like the message and the character.

I will adress the people. Ethenal is a environmental and economic catastrophe.

to make ethanol wed have to plowdown rainforests, forests and wetlands

destroying the animals and environment you ethanol lovers wanna protect.

Its cost is nuts and is a net negative economically.

ethanol is bullshit.

Global Warming Im 50% sure is bullshit

The earth goes through trends. 40 years ago, melting the icecaps were encouraged cause we thought we were in a cooling faze (we were in fact)

but algores ignorant. And his leftist followers are morons. who never heard of the global cooling crisis back in the 70s.

I mean that concert he threw for GW awareness. what a dick. THE LAST THING THE WORLD NEEDS IS ANOTHER CONCERT.

Watch penn and tellers bullshit. check out the internet skeptics site.

these guys dig for facts. find real scientists with real studies. And further more unlike the politics who tell us to either save the world or make more money,

these guys passionately work and study the facts.

Remember politics arent scientists. And A failed polition like Al fucking Gore is certainly not a scientist. Hes just a loser who cant step down from the public eye gracefully.

If i were him id shut up cause hes really getting annoying now. Scaring our naive citizens cause he doesnt want his 15 minutes of fame to end

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Dual Arms: Precipice Dual Arms: Precipice

Rated 3 / 5 stars

not bad here is some constructive criticism.

first off your choice in music. FFX to zanarken?
well its a cool tune but as of now it is so overused its not funny. that soaks your originality.

on the scene where it zooms out from the train. it is disperportionate to the rest of the environment. nothing big just ruins what could be a good scene.

the japanese kanji. I gotta ask. did you use japanese font and simply type " dual arms" with it. if so that title kanji is more than likely incorrect.

also the obscure text being used. (japanese kanji probably), do you understand it yourself. Probably not right?
So maybe not do the japanese text. It can look cool but in this case it was tacky.

The rest is decent. Nothing i can criticise directly. Just keep practicing.
and maybe change your username. to something other than RPGsROK. just me being picky, take no offense. Keep it as is. Just try to develop a more recognisable name. thats all

good times.

yours truely Dizimz

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RPGsrok responds:

Thank you very much for reviewing. Yours was the lowest score, but the most constructive. I'll address your issues one by one.

I wasn't aware that "To Zanarkand" in particular was overused. Where have you heard it (other than in FFX)? I am aware, however, that "Misirlou" isn't the most original tune out there. Still, do you imply I should go for more obscure songs? That's fine actually, (but I have no experience in recording original tracks).

I know exactly what your talking about with the disproportions with the train. I'll fix that (maybe upload a new version later. . .) as best I can.

Okay, I admit to taking the semi-random kanji for the reservoir thing in the end, but I am proud to say the the Dual Arms "katakana" was translated by me personally, into the phonetic "dyuuru aamusu" as it should be. Nonetheless, I'll certainly refrain from writing stuff I really don't know in the future.

Finally, I agree that RPGsROK isn't the greatest name ever but I wasn't aware we could still change our usernames. If you can, please PM me if only to tell me how (could've sworn you couldn't change names since the site upgrade. . .)

Thanks a lot, the review was very helpful. (PS, Fear Unlimited 2 is awesome, keep it up)

:Blobs 2- pt1 NightBrawl: :Blobs 2- pt1 NightBrawl:

Rated 0 / 5 stars

submit to youtube but not here

Im sorry this sites for FLASH animations not movies.

Im sure soem was flash but youre invading our territory. Dont.

faceofdoomness responds:

I already did post them to youtube and knox does this kinda stuff too and he has created a big following. I mean there's even a claymation section in the archives and what not. So as of now claymation is considered a type of flash thanks to Knox and his Blue Klaymen.


Alex as Emo Alex as Emo

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

well ill tell ya this. The whole emo scene is old

Im sure you know what obvious flaws there are so i wont rub your face in it.

while there was moderate thought into this its too little too late.
What i mean is the emo make fun of scene is old now. Sure theyre still annoying but get with the times thats all.

Now as for real criticism the artwork was ridiculously sketchy, not sure if that was the point.

I see some techniques used like the letter reading animation. BUT it was kinda ruined by the over sketchy art.

As a tip, out line smooth lines in black or really dark colours. REALLY dark.

anyhow dont give up good luck next time

D-noob responds:

I am wery happy for your comment ;)
but it's like this, it's not a joke:

I had an task in my Multimedia course to do a first try flash movie about an emo girl.
So i had no choice but to do a flash movie about an emo girl...of ya know what i mean..
and this took me 2 weeks... got A+

My next project is going to be a LOT of better!
You will see what it is, and i even got an half a year to finish it
thanx for the comment ;)