DemonSwordGames - Quarterly update

2016-09-26 14:25:33 by Dizimz

What a year 2016 has been!


Hervor (left) meets the Darkelf (on the right-middle)
We have 2 games in development.
Tyrfing Cycle and Super Spring Ninja

Be sure to check out or Store page
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Tweet @TyrfingCycle for a chance to win some games, or ask questions. We will be doing trivia up until Launch! 

Both of which have gone through some transitions, ultimately for the best. DemonSwordGames
Has grown tremendously from the lessons learned this year, and if there is something  I have to say to
Anyone looking to the indie scene, it's this: The harder option, is usually the correct one...
Postponing the launch was not an easy decision, and it certainly wasnt a cheap one ^_^
But it was the right decision.


The Berserker 'Angantyr' (right) Battles a Troll (left)
I have to give thanks where it is due, Thanks to the 55 backers on Kickstarter and my friend Dan Lisle for their generous investments, without their help, who knows where Id be right now.

The good news is, Tyrfing Cycle has improved dramatically.
Balanced better, performs better, better controls, new mechanics that make the game more forgiving,
and an overall greater experience.

 I dont think Tyrfing Cycle is my best game ever, but it is my best game so far.

^_^ My testers seem to like it to say the least 

Hervor, and the titular sword 'Tyrfing"

Be sure to check out or Store page -
and show some wuv, add it to your wish list, we are launching early access soon! 






The launch of my crowdfunding project was also met with untimely tragedy.
As my mother, Elizabeth Ann Jackson was taken from us too soon.

I was conflicted about revealing this hefty loss for yours truly, but I have learned to be open and honest 
About all things. As My Sister, Step father and I still grieve I want to make it clear that this is not 
a reason to slow or stop.

Quite the opposite, it is time to push ahead.
In the past I had allowed myself to be discouraged due to various other elements and factors.

This is by far the heftiest loss that I have faced, and at the same time, it has been the most motivating event in my life.

I appreciate all of the positive feedback that I have received so far, and to those of you who believe in me, and Demon sword studios, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Moving forward, I will be releasing daily updates to my kickstarter, please follow Demon Sword On twitter, and like us on Facebook.

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Cycle Of Tyrfing

2015-11-10 19:52:11 by Dizimz

My new game in concept phase on Greenlight can be seen here :

Cycle of Tyring is a Rogue-Like Action platformer heavily inspired by Metroid and Castlevania. Each playthrough is different, and the world you play in will never be the same twice. 

The expansive world is generated as you play, and because of the sheer size, there is a lot of room for exploration. 

In fact, a given playthrough will have many possible routes. Of course some routes may be inaccessible 
unless you have the right abilities/magic/weapon. 

Destroying enemies yields the potential for your character to grow, through building stats, or gaining new weapons or abilities, you, the player will have to choose your way ahead. 

The enemies are unruly, ranging from swarms of killer flies, to giants several stories tall. 

You may choose to confront these enemies head on, or to perhaps take an alternate route. Sometimes it is more wise to do the latter as unprepared players will be greeted often by the game over screen. 

GAMEPLAY – The features listed below are in the game’s prototype - 

Gameplay Mechanics 

- Sword Combat- Using Tyrfing is the simplest way to dispatch enemies and certainly the most cost effective. It is also the most risky as it requires getting up close to enemies, which isn’t always a good idea. 

Secondary Weapons - At the cost of Magic, you can spawn smaller secondary weapons. These weapons allow you to handle enemies in different ways 

Releasing Elements – Additionally, magic can be used to perform more devastating ‘Release’ attacks.

Synergy – Release attacks can combine with secondary weapons to increase their destructive capabilities. 

Coloured Souls - You can carry the souls taken from fallen enemies. These souls unlock new abilities, such as double jumping, levitation, rapid magic regeneration, immunity to poison and much more. 

Skully's Cemetery

2013-11-12 13:40:34 by Dizimz

It has been a hectake few weeks, and this game is way late.

An experimental, physicspuzzle based game, featuring 18 levels.

Its by no means my magnum opus, but the work done here has led me to better understand some programming.

Spring Ninja has been patched and now works the way it was attended.
Trust me guys, I read all of your comments, even the funnier ones :)

I will be considering your feedback when I make Spring Ninja 2.
SN was also somewhat experimental, so 2 shall be the tried and true version.

Anyways I hope you guys enjoy Skully.

Coming Soon :

Gyro Atoms - Escape from Pirate Island
Marly - Flash edition.

Spring Ninja

2013-10-07 22:57:42 by Dizimz

As Ive mentioned a number of times, Spring ninja was accidentally released a few days Early On Sunday Oct 6th.
With that said I have no intention of unpublishing.

I will be updating this game again shortly.
There is a glitch with the Master Ninja Medal. IT IS WORTH 100 pts. not 0.
So if you try or succeed in unlocking it you should receive 100 pts, it is an odd glitch and when I check the Newgrounds API it says that it is entered correctly as 100pts and during my testing I was able to confirm that at least the achievement splash says 100 pts.

I have 2 new games coming out along side this one.

One is a small game called Rollasaurus

and my Big one is called Marly

Please lend your support.
Follow me on Twitter -

and subscribe to my youtube channel.

Marly Beta testing

2012-09-14 20:33:46 by Dizimz

Dear Loyal Fans -
First and foremost, I must humbly express my gratification for your loyalty, and your patience.
Especially during the past 4 years.

First off, this email is hand typed, but is sent to more than one user, that does not mean that you cannot reply, if you have any questions, please ask.

As some of you may know, I am producing a new flash platformer called "Marly The Epic Gecko"
This is a unique title, featuring a large focus on point and click elements. These elements blend seamlessly with the core platforming or at least, that is my goal.

But enough of my yammering, Those of you interested in participating in the beta process, please visit this link.
, you may preview a large portion of the game, in fact its basically assembled. Minus 4 stages which are suffering an issue to which I am troubleshooting.

The game link above is only available to newgrounds users, and only for a few days.
To become fully involved in the Beta process, Please join My facebook group

Those of you whom subscribe, and follow the beta testing guidelines will be given recognition in the final product. The beta testing guidelines are found below.

For those of you who want a little background :

Marly began development in November 2011, but technically the idea was developed and tinkered about a year before hand. It began as a Gyro Atoms game, and it was something I casually played with. By Nov 2011 I began taking it seriously.
What I developed was fairly unique game, and hopefully a really polished game will be the end result.

Marly The Epic Gecko features over 20 levels and dozens of challenges. The game is bigger than almost any given mainstream flash platformer currently available for free. With that said, it gets better.

Those of you who brave the challenges and complete the primary story will gain access to Marly Plus. A Free program within the game that allows you to put your skills to the test in some truly back-breaking challenges.

But even before that, there are numerous challenges within the 23 level story mode.
Each province has 9 golden cog pieces, those who collect the golden cog pieces will also get access to the emerald and baddy beat down challenges.

I cannot easily say how much content is contained within this little game, but there is a lot.

I know that not all of you are platformer guys or platformer gals, and some of you, well you just have better things to do. I understand.
So I do not expect you to be fully committed to beta testing.


Alright guys and gals. If you want to beta test, I'm going to give you some rules to follow.

1 - Have fun.

2 - Every 4 - 7 days, you should please review the facebook group, as updates will be posted with such frequency.

3 - I expect reports sent to at least every 10 or so days. Please do the best you can to keep me posted, as the gamer, your eyes are more discriminating than my own, so you will be able to find issues I cannot.

4 - If you see a problem, please report, please do not assume that I probably already got it, there is nothing wrong with being thorough.

With this in mind, please do not send me a dozen emails a week, make a simple list and send it over, please and thanks!

5 - Keep comments regarding 'taste' to yourself, if you do not like the art style, music or anything like that, but have a technical reason as to why such an aspect should be changed or removed, then I am all ears, but if you simply don't like a certain loop on a certain level, well there is a mute option - to mute push Space + X

6 - Do Not partake in flame wars with other users, do not add other group members you do not know as a friend, Keep things clean on the main group page, if not, you will be removed, period. I have a zero tolerance policy for cyber bullying and cyber stalking.

7 - Critiques are important, but remember that you are a tester, not a critic. I am not looking for a grade or a score, we are objectively working to eliminate all problems with the final product.

8 - Please follow the examples below when submitting reports, it is important that I know the circumstances of the error, or problem.

Here is an example of a bad report. - "Sometimes The floor disappears..."

Good report - " On slingshot shrubbery, there appears to be some lag after the first checkpoint."

As a footnote for each report, PLEASE SUBMIT WHAT BROWSER YOU ARE USING, AS WELL AS WHAT VERSION. This can play a large role in the troubleshooting process.

I hope the beta testing guidelines aren't too demanding.

Example of a good report-

1 - May 15th 2012 - Stage 5, There is an enemy who walks through the wall, I am not sure if that is intentional or not, but it doesn't look right, I only noticed this problem recently, so it may be the result of a recent bug. This problem happens consistently.
2 - The player sprite disappears occasionally, after dying, he does not respawn,
this probably happens about 25% of the time.

These were the only problems I found so far, but I was only playing for a few hours.
I was using Safari, when testing.


2012-03-14 09:22:46 by Dizimz

Working on a New Game Called Marly
An action platformer keep an eye out!

Dizimz is now Reflexive Games

2008-12-28 16:38:48 by Dizimz

Im blantantly tired of "Dizimz" Reflexive may seem a little half cocked. But I like it.

But lets get to some news and a little rant.

News is,

Urban Wizard 4 is in production along with Gyro's Fusion Atoms.

GFA is a point and click game that detects mouse angle and acceleration.
throw gyros atom and bounce it off walls and try to fuse it with light atoms while avoiding
black atoms.
As the atom fuses with light atoms, it will expand.

The goal to each level is to build rainbow atoms to restore balance to gyros world. but all while keeping your atom from corrupting.

If The atom corrupts, YOU LOSE!

The theme of this month (january not december) for me, is to make lots of point and click games

along with the name change, gyro has been officially marked as my uh mascott if you will
he might not be universally liked. But hes atleast more loveble and recognisable than most of my other characters.