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DemonSwordGames - Quarterly update

2016-09-26 14:25:33 by Dizimz

What a year 2016 has been!


Hervor (left) meets the Darkelf (on the right-middle)
We have 2 games in development.
Tyrfing Cycle and Super Spring Ninja

Be sure to check out or Store pagehttp://store.steampowered.com/app/513470/
and show some wuv, add it to your wish list, we are launching early access soon! 

and follow us on twitter for gosh dern sakes!  https://twitter.com/TyrfingCycle
Tweet @TyrfingCycle for a chance to win some games, or ask questions. We will be doing trivia up until Launch! 

Both of which have gone through some transitions, ultimately for the best. DemonSwordGames
Has grown tremendously from the lessons learned this year, and if there is something  I have to say to
Anyone looking to the indie scene, it's this: The harder option, is usually the correct one...
Postponing the launch was not an easy decision, and it certainly wasnt a cheap one ^_^
But it was the right decision.


The Berserker 'Angantyr' (right) Battles a Troll (left)
I have to give thanks where it is due, Thanks to the 55 backers on Kickstarter and my friend Dan Lisle for their generous investments, without their help, who knows where Id be right now.

The good news is, Tyrfing Cycle has improved dramatically.
Balanced better, performs better, better controls, new mechanics that make the game more forgiving,
and an overall greater experience.

 I dont think Tyrfing Cycle is my best game ever, but it is my best game so far.

^_^ My testers seem to like it to say the least 

Hervor, and the titular sword 'Tyrfing"

Be sure to check out or Store page - http://store.steampowered.com/app/513470/
and show some wuv, add it to your wish list, we are launching early access soon! 







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2016-12-09 15:58:08

Where are the sequels to the awesome Fear Unlimited series? You know all your fans are waiting for them right?